• Our Story 

    Abbey Sy is an author and artist from Manila.

    With her passion for art and travel, she has written books on lettering and journaling. Through her works, she hopes to inspire others to live the creative life: chase dreams, make things happen, and to Always Be Creating.

  • ABCs of Hand Lettering 

    Where it all started! Abbey shares her love for letters through the ABCs of Hand Lettering.

    This is the perfect guide for anyone who would love to know and try out hand lettering: from the basics to inspirations for the art and to finding your own style.

  • Postcards 

    Nothing beats the feeling of getting mail the old-fashioned way!

    Letters from ABC is a set of 52 postcards you can keep or use to send love to family and friends.

  • ABCs of Journaling 

    Your guide to creatively chronicle your everyday life!

    Abbey has been journaling for years and in this book she shares tips on how you too could document your adventures and create a memorable keepsake of life events.


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